Nohcacab Archaeological Society

The Nohcacab Archaeological Society is international organization dedicated to the research, interpretation, and protection of the archaeological heritage of the Americas: Our goal is to expand understanding and appreciation of humanity's past as achieved through systematic investigation of the archaeological record by working with the archaeological community by promoting research, conducting systematic excavations, stewardship and protection of archaeological resources, public and professional education, and the dissemination of knowledge, and to serve the public interest, seeking the widest possible engagement with all segments of society, including governments, educators, and indigenous peoples, in advancing knowledge and enhancing awareness of the past.

Our founder, James Stanley Daugherty says, “Archaeology is not just a thing of the past. The Nohcacab Archaeological Society is working to bring the discoveries of the ancients to the living audiences of today. In the future we will be fielding our own teams for archeological survey and excavation, but we are also working to make previously unavailable information available. It is not just the ancient sites that are buried. It is the information about these sites that are either unpublished or only found in obscure technical journals. The discoveries that can show how the ancients dealt with issues like dealing with limited resources, dealing with abundance, how do you communicate, how do you impress your neighbors, and what to do if your neighbors are plotting to kill you. As a modern society we are obsessed with the immediate. It is time to look back and gain a little perspective.”

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